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Works in Progress

Hey everyone.  I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know about works in progress and upcoming book releases.

First, I’m running a new promotion for the first three Jonah Blackstone novels later this month. The promotion will culminate during the week of Halloween. As you know, events in Amulet of the Goddess, the third novel of the series, take place during the four weeks leading up to Halloween and the Witching Hour.

During the promotion, the Kindle versions will be sold at a promotional discount. So, pick up a copy of all three novels for yourself or as a gift and start the adventure with Jonah Blackstone!

Fourth and Fifth Jonah Blackstone Novels

Recently, I attended the BlerDCon convention here in the DC area and was asked my multiple fans about the next Jonah Blackstone novel.  I’m hard at work on the next book. The working title is Jonah Blackstone and the Destiny Medallion. This will be a two-book storyline with Destiny’s Sorrow being the working title for the second half of the story. 

Jonah not only goes on new adventures, but he meets new kids and finds out more about his dad’s family. As his godfather, Marcus predicted, Jonah is finally taking his place among the Alliance and the politics of the Council.

We may see the first group of Protectors in this installment! I’m excited to finally arrive at this point and plan to release the Destiny Medallion in Spring of 2020. The second part, Destiny’s Sorrow, will come out in late 2020.

Omega Quest Series

The Omega Quest series blurb has been posted my website from the very beginning. Well, finally, I’m moving toward the release of the first four novels in that series!  The world-building on this series has been crazy and taken me years to complete. 

What if Dr. King and Malcolm-X were never killed? What if the Tulsa Oklahoma Black Wall Street, as well as other Black Wall Streets  around the country were never destroyed and survived into the present day? What if Wakanda wasn’t just a movie but real, advanced zones in the U.S. where black people have lived and thrived for the past fifty years?

Omega Quest is an exciting, afro futuristic fantasy series set in an alternate reality where these things exist.  The novels follow the lives of four powerful, young meta-human characters, who each come from different levels of this society.

The first novel in the series, Killer Princess, will release in early 2020.

Synopsis: On the eve of taking control of her family fortune, Yvette Dupree, a guilt-ridden heiress, and trained meta-human assassin, reluctantly accepts a drug that’ll help her find inner peace; but when the drug opens up her painful past and leaves her vulnerable to an old enemy, Yvette must face her deepest fears and save herself before time runs out.

This novel will be followed by Jade Fire, Light Demon, and Sentinel’s Call. More updates will be posted in the coming weeks.

Creative Time Loops

I heard an interesting interview recently on NPR. The story was about the small number of people who can recall every day of their lives in perfect detail. Of course, as human beings, they are also subject to the filters of their emotions and their view of the world, but in terms of what happened to them, they can remember every single day as if they are going back through stored records. Of course, this ability has its drawbacks since they could never forget anything bad that has happened to them. A hurtful event from age five can reignite the same emotions at age fifty.

The reason I mention this story is because of the idea presented that most of us can forget or suppress memories and move on to other things in our lives. Sometimes we don’t realize that we’re repeating things over and over. That was the conclusion I reached when reflecting on my Creative Journal. While the journal entries are not a complete diary of each and everything that happens in my life, they still serve as a repository of my creative thoughts and projects.

Like the people in the NPR story, I’m able to go back through my journal and follow my train of thought as I think about creative works, issues, roadblocks and new ideas. In doing so, I’ve discovered that I have fallen into creative time loops. What I mean is at certain periods of the year my thoughts naturally turn to my career and what I’ve accomplished as well as where I’m going.

I will go through a creative thought process, come to a conclusion, and maybe even take the first steps to make it happen only to stop at a certain point and put that idea aside for months. Then the following year, at the same time of year, I will go into this contemplative phase again and come to the same creative conclusions. After taking the initial step, yet again, the project is put aside for several months.

Having the ability to go back through my creative thoughts in a methodical manner allows me to detect the cyclical pattern in my creative thinking. I hope to use this new awareness to move forward with projects. I suspect the biggest problem is stepping out of the old comfort zones. At least now, I can see the pattern and take steps to break it.

How about you? Have you fallen into a creative time loop? Do you have creative projects that have taken years to complete?

Amulet of the Goddess on Sale!

Amulet of the Goddess, Book 3 in the Jonah Blackstone series is on sale.

Available on Amazon (Kindle | Paperback), iTunes, and Kobo Books.

John Darr at BlerDCon 2017!


Pondering Nerdcast interviewed John Darr at the BlerDCon 2017.

John Darr @Awesome Con 2017

John Darr will be at Awesome Con 2017!


June 16-18, 2017.

Walter E Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.

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