Omega Quest is an exciting, speculative fantasy series that follows the life of Sentry Agent Aaron Warrick (a.k.a Sentinel) and his assembled team of powerful, young, black meta-humans, who work for a worldwide organization known as the Sentry Corps.

Aaron’s team consists of:

Jasmine Alexander (a.k.a. Jade), a headstrong risk-taker with the power to emit powerful bursts of plasma energy from her hands.

Marcolm Reed (a.k.a. Pusher), a reclusive bookworm with the power of telekinesis.

Kevin Brown (a.k.a. Brawn), a duty-oriented and loyal follower with amazing physical strength.

James (a.k.a Lurker), a resident paid Informant, who uses his power of shrouding to collect sensitive information

Illya Motombu (a.k.a The Healer), a prodigy in the area of medicine, who possesses the power of healing by touch.

Functioning as Omega Squad, they investigate and protect the larger African Diaspora from all forms of extraordinary threats, including an ancient enemy composed of fellow meta-humans known as The Chamber.


Book One : Sentinel’s Call – Coming in 2018